Commercial Service

You can contact Roberts Glass for your commercial needs by calling 317-542-0693. Our office hours are (Monday thru Friday) from (7:30am to 4:00pm).

To help expedite your call, please let the person answering your call know that you are needing to speak to a commercial service representative.

This will help the person answering your call get you to the right person. Our commercial service department covers a large range of commercial repairs and service needs anything from glass replacement to glass shelves and table tops.

To schedule a commercial service call ask for Jamie Volz or Phil Hoff.


Service would be for an existing product you do not plan on replacing but is in need of repair.

Insulated glass: Is a sealed unit of glass. 2 panes of glass with a metal spacer

A seal failure is when the insulated glass unit has failed. You can tell this because there will be moisture between the two pains of glass.

It would help us to know the following when you call.

  • The daylight opening: Only the glass you can visibly see width and height
  • It would help to know the OA (Overall) thickness, width & height of the insulated unit
  • Is the glass currently tempered, laminated or safety glass
  • What kind of application is the glass going in?

Total Replacement

If you feel the application is beyond repair and everything needs to be torn out and replaced then you need to be directed to an estimator who will gladly take your information and work up a price for you.

We hope to provide our customers with the best service possible. Starting with your first contact. We hope this brief description will help us route your calls to the appropriate party.

As always thank you for choosing Roberts Glass for your service and window needs.


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